On this page you will find some helpful tips to get your home show ready.  As well as a couple of our policies.

What we photograph:
front elevation
formal living/family room
kitchen/breakfast area
dining room
master bedroom/bath
secondary bedrooms/baths
game room/flex space/media room
transition areas - if needed

Areas we usually skip (unless requested):
laundry room - unless there is a sink, refrigerator, or storage
1/2 baths
kitchen pantry

Before we arrive:
Keep all lights off - we will turn them on as needed.
Move cars out of driveway into street/garage.
Hide trash cans in the garage.
Make sure toilet seats are down.
Hide any and all signs of animals - food bowls, play toys, beds, etc.
Turn open (not up) blinds and pull back curtains.

NOTE:  We will not enter any home when the sole occupant is under the age of 18.  We will not enter any home with lose animals.

For our safety we ask that all animals are put up - either in a kennel or in the backyard, prior to our arrival.

Professional tips and tricks to get your home show ready!

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A few more things to consider doing:
- Cut back shrubs and trim up tress - this will show more of the house
- De-clutter kitchen and bathroom counters (soap, paper towels, toothbrushes, etc.)
- Remove distracting items attached to the refrigerator
- Remove items in shower (if clear glass)
- Vaccum carpet and clean tile, wood floors
- Sweep, blow away debris on front and back porch
- Remove seasonal decorative items as not to date the listing

We have a very specific amount of time to shoot each property (35-45 minutes).  Please make sure the home is ready to be photographed when we arrive.

How we shoot:
We shoot in order, as if you were walking through the home for the first time.  The front elevation is first, then foyer and main living areas (kitchen, dining, etc).  Then we move on to the master bedroom/bath.  Secondary bedrooms/bathrooms come near the end.  And, then we will shoot the backyard last.  Shooting in order like this allows all potential buyers a better understanding of layout and flow.

The camera sees everything!  So, if you don't want something in the picture please remove it from the house, or hide in a closet.

Our technique:
We balance the ambient, or available, light in the space with the artificial light we create.  Our goal is to make your property look as natural as possible.

Please keep in mind, we take a 'photojournalist' approach when photographing your property.  we are not interior designers or stagers.  due to liability concerns, Our photographers are prohibited from moving personal items.

Our gear:
Sony A7ii and A6500 mirrorless camera bodies
Sony 10-18 mm wide angle lens
Sony HVL-F58 flash

Click here to view some recent properties we have photographed

Every residential property shoot includes the following:
- 24 hour turn around
- Individually edited images
- White balancing
- Color correction
- Vertical straightening
- Removal of minor blemishes
- Lens distortion removal
- Image sharpening
- Strict image cropping

Advanced image editing includes:
- Sky replacement
- Lawn greening
- Daylight to Virtual Twilight
- Virtual flames in fireplace
- Item removal
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Turnaround time:
All images will be delivered to the listing agent within 24 hours - from the end of the scheduled shoot.
Images that have been edited with a sky replacement, item removal, or virtual twilight may take up to 48 hours.